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Our hire ergonomic office equipment can solve short-term ergonomic issues. The popular hired items are listed in the table below.

Ergonomic Office Equipment Available for Hire


QuickShift Sit-Stand Workstation  Weekly $35 / Monthly $120

TopDesk Adjustable Standing Desk  Weekly $22 / Monthly $80

For trial and assessment of sit-stand work-station or where there is a short-term need for sit-stand due to injury and poor sitting tolerance.



Office Chair  Weekly $25/ Monthly $100

Drafting Chair  Weekly $40 / Monthly $155

Need for temporary seating e.g. work placement, awaiting purchased chairs to arrive.



Tri Stool with Foot-ring  Weekly $22 / Monthly $80

Sit-stand Stool  Weekly $22 / Monthly $80

Recovery from leg, foot, knee injury. Allows higher position e.g. for working at bench height.



Buro Kneeling Chair  Weekly $25 / Monthly $100

Bambach Saddle Seat  Weekly $40 / Monthly $155

Temporary poor sitting tolerance on a standard office chair e.g. following acute back pain/disc bulge. Also useful if a longer period is testing is needed after trial period ceases.



Ergo Tilt Portable Desk, small size  Weekly $11/ Monthly $40

Temporary need for raised and angled reading material e.g. after neck injury.



Leg Rest  Weekly $22 / Monthly $80

Temporary need for leg or foot elevation e.g. recovery from injury or surgery. Height adjustable and on a 5-star base.



We have an extensive range of ergonomic office equipment available for hire.  Select any of the above items, or contact us if you are looking for any other ergonomic products.

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