How To Create An Ergonomic Workstation At Home

The way we work has changed so much in such a short span of time. Circumstances have compelled us to quickly adjust to working from home, sometimes at very short notice.

For many, the nature of work has changed irreversibly. Working from home is now a permanent fixture for a great number of workers across Australia.

That’s why it’s so important to have an easy-to-use ergonomic set-up that can be relied upon to provide the necessary support when working from home.

A safe and comfortable home office

The need to maintain a correct posture does not change when work moves from the office to our homes. Even though we may feel comfortable in our home environment, our office chair or desk may not contribute to a safe work environment.

A focus on ergonomics is the first step towards ensuring your home office is safe and comfortable. Indeed, the principles of office ergonomics equally apply in your home as they do in your workplace.

Although our attention may turn quickly to finding the best office chair, there are also other elements of an ergonomic office that must be considered – well beyond desks and office chairs alone.

Achieving a fully ergonomic workstation

Introducing our new Scandi Pro Range of ergonomic accessories, featuring functional and accessible ergonomic elements that will assist you when working at home. These fully-adjustable products help you to maintain a correct posture and to avoid strains.

The Range is designed to be easy to access, use, and store – provided to you in a flat pack.

The Scandi Pro Range includes the following versatile products:

Discover the benefits of ergonomic accessories

The Scandi Pro Range is perfect when setting up home office arrangements for you or other household members.

The benefits of the Scandi Pro Range include:

  • Made of light-weight plywood
  • Easy to assemble and move if required
  • A modern appearance to suit all home offices
  • Adjustable and user-friendly
  • Convenient to store when not in use

They are suitable for use on a temporary basis, or can be used regularly if your work-from-home arrangements are expected to continue into the future.

Make ergonomics a priority

To complete your ergonomic office set-up, why not match the Scandi Pro Range with ergonomics chairs or desks from the Back Centre? We have a large range of products that will create the perfect ergonomic workstation in your own home.

We recommend these products:

  • Fellowes Standard Footrest

    Fellowes Standard Adjustable Footrest

    $80.00 Dual position height adjustment. Textured surface massages soles of feet.MORE INFO
  • Voyager

    $290.00 The Voyager chair has triple levers and both the seat and back are injection moulded.MORE INFO
  • Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard Numeric keypad Mouse

    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

    $205.00 Sculpt Keyboard is designed for productivity, with an eye on ergonomic excellence.MORE INFO

Having an ergonomic office has become essential for every home. It provides the guarantee that – as circumstances change, often without warning – you have a reliable and functional ergonomic workstation that’s ready to use at any moment.

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