Lower Back Pain

How to reduce your lower back pain

Office workers sit for over 80% of the day on average. Sitting in the same position for most of the day can cause lower back pain. Your joints, muscles, spinal discs are the healthiest when you have regular movement so don’t let another minute slip by. Try to stand up and go for a short walk or a stretch twice an hour.

Try one of the following ideas to reduce your sitting time:

  • Track your time with a phone app or a fitness tracker or a simple calendar reminder.
  • Try adding up your total sitting hours using the clever calculator for meals, commuting, work, relaxing at home, socializing, hobbies and leisure.
Are you struggling with the correct sitting position? Don’t know how to adjust your chair?
The chair should match and support your entire body. Follow these steps to find the maximum health benefits from your office chair, and they will improve your posture and prevent lower back pain resulting in the perfect posture.

Why are you sitting badly?

  • Bad sitting habits are easy to develop and it can be hard to break them! Sometimes a bad habit starts because of a specific situation but the habit stays no matter what.
  • Our bodies aren’t made to be sitting for long periods of time. If we are stationary for a long period the body sends a message to our brains to move. Given you are constrained within your office chair, you can end up in sitting positions that are not the best for your back!
  • Are you leaning forward on your desk, or leaning on to an armrest? Are you sliding your hips forward in the chair? These reclining sitting postures can be caused by fatigue or tiredness.

If you are finding yourself in one of these positions, try to get up and go for a walk, stretch and get moving!

It is important that the chair backrest provides you with the right lumbar support otherwise you are likely to find yourself uncomfortable, slouching and slumping. This can contribute to lower back pain. Your back is hurting because your spine does not have enough support.

Do you find your chair does not provide enough shaping for your back? Try this trick! Get a small towel or piece of clothing, fold or roll it into a pad and place it in the centre lower of your back. If your back feels better supported and more comfortable then your back curve needs more support. Back Centre has over 25 different back supports cushions, each with a different shape, size, and firmness. Some of these are better suited to office chairs and others to car seats. Some are ideal for lounge chairs and others great for travel.

Choosing the right office chair

The right chair will make a huge difference to your sitting posture, health, comfort, and productivity. Try our Chair Selector to 
help you find the chair that’s just right for you. Remember, Back Centre chairs can be trialed to ensure that they are exactly right for your needs.

Back Centre has the biggest range of office chairs in Australia and every chair offers different features and benefits. Contact our knowledgeable team to find your perfect match.


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Activities to reduce lower back pain and straighten your back

By not doing a range of physical activities or exercises outside of work, our backs are more likely to experience a variety of issues including weakness and stiffness. We suggest the following activities to straighten your back.
  • Pilates
  • Yoga Class
  • Gym
  • Floor exercise

Sports such as swimming, aqua classes, and bike riding will also strengthen your back core. Remember our backs are meant for regular movements and don’t like to be still. Take every opportunity to move your back!

Still struggling on ideas to manage your lower back pain?

Looking to have an active workspace? Did you know that happier and healthier workers are also more productive!

Back Centre offers a range of standing desks to suit your style, shape, and budget. By regularly changing workstation positions it can help prevent back problems and prevent stooping.

The sit and standing desk has revolutionised the way we approach ergonomics in the workplace. Regularly varying working positions solves the problem of musculoskeletal and circulatory problems. By using an electric adjustable height desk, working styles can be adjusted to suit the individual.

Why should I book an Ergonomic Assessment?

Are you needing better lower back support for your workstation?  Struggling with poor posture? Book an Ergonomic Assessment with Back Centre’s occupational therapist to improve your posture and workstations health concerns.

We recommend these products to help with low back pain

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