How To Videos


Knowing how to adjust your office chair is essential for maintaining correct posture and preventing injury. 3-lever office chairs are among some of the most popular types of chairs, and can be commonly found in offices.

This video will show you how to use the levers and set the back height on this popular office chair. It will explain what each lever does, and how to set the correct back tilt, seat pan tilt and gas lift height.

Chair Adjustments

To adjust the back height of an office chair, there are various methods. This video will show you how to adjust the back rest on your chair, including 3-lever office chairs. It will outline the 3 most common types of adjustments most chairs have – ratchet, screw and off-centre adjustments.

The instructions will help you set the correct back height, to help you maintain comfort and safety in the workplace.

2 Types Of Chairs We Sell

Choosing an office chair can be a difficult task. At Back Centre, our two most popular chairs are 3-lever mechanism chairs and clutch mechanism chairs.

This video will introduce you to both these two common types of office chair, and explain how to use the principal mechanisms on the chair. These mechanisms include the seat pan slide, gas height lift, back position and lumbar pump, which allow you to achieve the correct posture.