Mouse & Mouse Pads

Evoluent Vertical Mouse Wireless

Times have changed – the standard mouse is now only one of the many choices for your workday! New mouse styles are more comfortable and designed specifically to support an ergonomic approach, ensuring your hand is in the correct ‘position of function’, where all musculoskeletal components of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm exist in complete equilibrium. Similarly, many mouse pads are now specifically designed to include wrist support.

  • Gold Touch Mousing Platform

    Gold Touch Mouse Platform...

    $55.00 The unique design of the Gold Touch Mousing Platform allows users to mouse in greater...MORE INFO
  • 3m Gel Mousepad Wrist Rest

    3M Gel Mousepad Wrist...

    $40.00 Gel comfort encourages neutral wrist posture, antimicrobial protection.MORE INFO
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