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  • Monitor Arm 7000

    7Flex Monitor Arm

    $330.00 The leader of the pack in the best-selling articulated monitor arm for years.MORE INFO
  • Pluto Monitor Arm

    Pluto Monitor Arm

    $180.00 The ideal ergonomic and space saving desk mount for any home or office project.MORE INFO
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

    Toro Anti Fatigue Matting

    $135.00 Anti Fatigue Matting suitable for use with a chair. Air cushioned feature improves circulation.MORE INFO
  • Desk Corner Converter (Lozenge)

    Lozenge Desk Corner Converter

    $70.00 Corner ConverterĀ Lozenge is designed to make use of a sharp corner in an "L" shaped...MORE INFO
  • Workwell Anti Fatigue Matting

    Workwell Anti Fatigue Matting

    $165.00 Strongly recommended for use with a sit-stand desk to improve standing tolerance and comfort.MORE INFO
  • Gregory arm selection

    Arm Selection

    Arms available for Gregory chairs.MORE INFO
  • Fundamental Footrest Foot Rest

    Fundamental Adjustable Footrest

    $95.00 Height adjustable by varying number of spacer blocks. Anti-static carpet covering.MORE INFO
  • Fellowes Standard Footrest

    Fellowes Standard Adjustable Footrest

    $75.00 Dual position height adjustment. Textured surface massages soles of feet.MORE INFO

    Aurora Adjustable Footrest With...

    $95.00 Sturdy, height adjustable, footrest to ensure correct foot height, knee and leg position.MORE INFO
  • Aurora Anti Slip Adjustable Footrest with rubber mat

    Aurora Anti Slip Adjustable...

    $78.00 Sturdy, height adjustable, footrest to ensure correct foot height, knee and leg position.MORE INFO
  • Fellowes Office Suites Adjustable Foot Rest

    Fellowes Office Suites Adjustable...

    $95.00 Adjustable footrest tilts 30 degrees forward and back. Locks in place or tilts freely.MORE INFO
  • Fluteline Footrest

    Fluteline Footrest

    $125.00 The Fluteline footrest offers four adjustable non-skid feet with a large level of adjustment.MORE INFO

    3M Adjustable Footrest FR330

    $125.00 Fully adjustable. Contoured non-skid foot platform for maximum comfort.MORE INFO
  • Replacement Castor Options

    Replacement Castor Options

    $22.50 Castor OptionsMORE INFO
  • Gaslift Replacemnet Options

    Gaslift Replacement Options

    $65.00 Gaslift replacement.MORE INFO
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