Office Accessories

  • OPC 300 General Office Accessories

    OPC 300 Single Forearm...

    $155.00 OPC 300 Forearm Support Provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for sustained...MORE INFO
  • OPC 600 General Office Accessories

    OPC 600 Forearm Support

    $295.00 OPC 600 Forearm Support Provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for...MORE INFO

    3M Adjustable Footrest FR530

    $165.00 Height and tilt adjustable. Exclusive safety walk slip resistant material.MORE INFO
  • fellowes professional series steel footrest

    Fellowes Steel Pro Series...

    $145.00 Improves posture by alleviating pressure on back of thighs to reduce leg and back strainMORE INFO

    Kensington Sole Massage Footrest

    $90.00 Pamper your tired feet with the SoleMassage Footrest's stimulating surface.MORE INFO
  • chair mats range for hard floors

    Satex Marbig Chair Mat

    $230.00 Quality chairmat with texture both sides with no anchors for smooth floor/coverings.MORE INFO
  • Footring 457mm Dia Aluminium Suit 50mm gas lift

    Footring 457mm Dia Aluminium...

    $40.00 Footring for drafting chairsMORE INFO
  • Ergorest Forearm Support General Office Accessories

    Ergorest Forearm Support

    $210.00 Supports neck, shoulder/arm with unrestricted motion, maintains neutral wrist position.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Blyss Rest Sheepskin Mouse Wristrest

    Blyss Rest Sheepskin Mouse...

    $45.00 $36.00 Eliminates all pressure on the delicate wrist soft tissues when using a mouse.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    $45.00 $35.00 Self-adjusting memory foam with contoured shape encourages ergonomic position.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Gliding Palm Support

    Fellowes Gliding Palm Support

    $50.00 $40.00 Palm support glides effortlessly to encourage healthy, natural movement.MORE INFO
  • Mango Gel Mouse Mat with Wrist Support

    Aurora Gel Mouse Mat

    $30.00 Elastomer base to prevent slipping during use, provides soft but firm support.MORE INFO
  • KeySlope Posture Correcting Keyboard Stand

    KeySlope Keyboard Stand

    $125.00 Posture correcting stand for typists who look down at the keyboard when keying.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Compact KeySlope Keyboard Stand

    Compact KeySlope Keyboard Stand

    $114.00 $100.00 Compact KeySlope is perfect for a compact or small size keyboard.MORE INFO
  • drafting footrest

    Drafting Footrest

    $200.00 Eliminates blood circulation cut-off when using a footring. Easy to mount and dismount.MORE INFO
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