Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are typically larger, high backed and more sophisticated in design.

There is strong focus on ergonomic design and luxury, with most chairs featuring leather coverings, padded arms and a focus on superior comfort and style.

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  • ControlMaster Chair

    $2,070.00 Every part of this chair is built and tested for purpose.MORE INFO
  • HÅG Sofi Mesh 7500

    $1,760.00 HÅG in Balance® technology ensures more subconscious movement. Adjustable seat height and depth, and unique...MORE INFO
  • RH Logic 220 24/7...

    $2,595.00 RH Logic 220 has a large back, comes as standard with castors for soft floor,...MORE INFO
  • Triumph Executive Chair In...

    $650.00 High Back Executive Chair in Black PUMORE INFO
  • Diablo Executive

    Diablo Executive

    $495.00 Fully ergonomic chair with individual gas, seat and back adjustment.MORE INFO
  • Syntech 2 Manager Office Chair

    Syntech 2 Manager

    $460.00 The Syntech 2 has an injection moulded seat with a synchro tilt mechanism.MORE INFO
  • Serati Office Chair

    $1,100.00 The Serati chair is an elegant and functional synchro-mech ergonomic chair.MORE INFO
  • Westline Syntech

    Syntech 3 Executive

    $595.00 The Syntech 3 is a very stylish chair with an injection moulded seat and synchro tilt mechanism.MORE INFO
  • Enterprise

    $460.00 High back ergonomic executive chair with injection moulded seat and back rest.MORE INFO
  • Gregory Inca Extra High Back Large Seat

    Gregory Inca Extra High...

    $1,052.00 The unique dual density posture support system is recognised by ergonomic consultants, occupational health and...MORE INFO
  • Rembrandt Executive Chair

    $490.00 High Back Executive Chair in Black PUMORE INFO
  • Picasso Manager Office Chair

    $435.00 Medium Back Executive Chair in Black PUMORE INFO
  • Preston Executive Office Chair

    $420.00 High Back  Executive Office Chair in PUMORE INFO
  • Persona Chair

    Buro Persona 24/7

    $740.00 Superior comfort, strength and style.  Metal reinforced base and heavy duty mechanism.MORE INFO
  • Jupiter High Back Black

    TOSC Jupiter

    $1,180.00 A very stylish, comfortable and relaxing executive style chair with good lumbar support.MORE INFO
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