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Compact DocSlope

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Holds multiple papers, open files or large books directly in front of the body.

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Product Description


NEW Compact size Docslope is perfect where space is at a premium and a strong, stable reading/writing platform is needed!  Specifically designed to fit in front of dual monitors which are angled in a ‘V’ shape creating less space for a full width document holder.

This almost invisible, strong, stable, in-line document holder holds multiple papers, open files or large books directly in front of the body.  This position ensures safe, comfortable head, neck, back postures when using a computer and referring to papers.

Eliminates potentially harmful twisting or leaning to one side to read papers on the desk beside the keyboard.

Compact Docslope is also a comfortable writing platform that can be used in this way while in position as a document holder, or slid over the keyboard and closer to the body for longer periods of reading/writing.

Recommended for computer users who:
Twist and bend their head, neck and back when referring to papers, files and books
Experience neck pain, disc bulges, arthritis, neck strain, headaches
Experience neck/shoulder area muscle stiffness, tightness or tension

Instructions for use
Document holder:  Place DocSlope between keyboard and monitor and place reference papers on it.  The monitor may need to be positioned a little further away.
Reading/writing stand:  Slide DocSlope forward over the keyboard to be an ergonomic reading, writing platform.


  • 380mm wide x 300mm deep x 150mm high (rear) and 70mm high (front)
  • Weight: 1.2kg

Warranty 12mths


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