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Eclipse Natural Comfort Pillows

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The Natural Comfort Pillows encourage proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine.

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The Natural Comfort Pillows encourage proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine whether you sleep on your side or back, giving you orthopaedic support with down-like comfort. Relieving the stress and strain of the neck and upper back, this pillow will afford you a higher level of sleep and relaxation.   Regular Size is 700mm * 450mm. New Duck feathers, 10 New  Duck Down.

Clinical experience shows that the intensity of cervical syndrome patients’ complaints is effected by their night time sleeping posture. Any long term inappropriate posture of the spine can irritate the capsular ligaments of the motor segments. These patients’ complaints revolve mostly around pain sensations that appear primarily during the night and in the morning and frequently cause sleep disturbances.

It is difficult to alleviate such symptoms by physical therapy and postural exercises. Therefore, the night time sleeping position must be changed to achieve physiological positioning of the spine. Importantly, an adequate mattress and appropriate cervical support, optimises the sleeping position.

The Eclipse Natural Comfort Pillow was developed with this in mind. Consultation with leading Physiotherapists and one of Australia’s most forward thinking bedding manufacturers resulted in the construction of a pillow addressing this issue. The content of this pillow is a blend of down and feather. This malleable filling supports the cervical spine without generating pressure. The feathers separate to contour and gently support the spine in the correct position.

The pillow is constructed with three separate compartments or pockets. Each is a different size and density. This feature enables the user to experience four levels of support. It therefore optimises the support required and can be easily suited to assist a wide variety of body shapes. This amazing pillow will address many health issues and after a short breaking in period the user regard this pillow as irreplaceable.

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