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The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a separate compact Keyboard and full Keypad combo with dual connection methods.

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Product Description

The Ergoapt Dual Combo is a separate compact Keyboard and full Keypad combo with dual connection methods. Combining a low profile and flexible positioning, the Ergoapt Dual Combo delivers an ergonomic keyboarding experience. Product code OPC13BW One product, dual connection modes The Ergoapt Dual Combo has dual connection modes.

The Keyboard and Keypad can be used as either a wired device or wireless device. The separate Keyboard and Keypad can be positioned to suit individual requirements and preferences.


When used as a wired device, the Keyboard and Keypad connect to the computer via cables. When used wirelessly, connection to the computer is made via Bluetooth.

A perfect match Both the Keyboard and Keypad share the same low profile, aluminium case and concave keys. Sturdy and sleek The case of the Ergoapt Combo Keyboard and Keypad are made of aluminium. This construction provides a solid feel, additional weight and removes case flex. Concave keys Concave, low profile keys deliver a short travel time, quiet operation and comfortable typing experience. The keys require a low activation force and deliver a crisp, tactile feel that reduces the effort required to type. Hot keys that reduce stretching for the mouse The Ergoapt Dual Combo Keyboard and Keypad feature an additional line of function keys. These functions, in blue print on the key, are activated when the key is pressed in conjunction with the Fn key.


Specifications Compatible systems Windows, IOS, Android Working distance Up to 10m Working time Up to 30 days off a full charge Charging time Full charge approximately 2-4 hours Dimensions Keyboard Keypad Width 285mm Width 85mm Depth 120mm Depth 120mm Height 6mm – 11mm Height 6mm – 11mm

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