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Shape of the vertical mouse stick to hollow of palm, grip makes hand comfort and easily using.

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Product Description

Shape of vertical mouse stick to hollow of palm, grip makes hand comfort and easily using. Lips for little finger to avoid skin rub with desk, moving more comfort. The side of right button is twice for left button. Finger arc design, hold it in natural. Electroplating in appearance, thumb slot makes hand comfort and rejoice.

Ergonomics designed
mouse is designed after the ergonomics design team researched on harmful disease caused by using normal mouse. This mouse will make comfortable, keep you away from fatigue and the mouse hand.

Inlay polymer battery

Vertical wireless mouse has 500mAh inlay polymer battery. It adjusts the system through mechanistic
parameter control so that to realize the conversion between different parameter performances. It is
higher in compatibility and practical applicability.
Can use it once insert it

You can directly use this mouse without installing any software. You can adjust the speed through the DPI button on the side of the mouse.

Speeder in changing rail

Weight of EV vertical mouse is 160g. It is suitable for medium distance fast movement. With the Teflon durable footrest paster, it can make your work more accurate and let you enjoy faster rail changing movement.

Laser stable transmission
After the circuit design optimization and procedure strengthening, the stability of EV vertical mouse is improved greatly which will provide you more precise positioning.

Transmission speed
The side of EV vertical mouse applies 4 gear circulating adjustment and the laser pickoff which reaching 2500DPI. All in all, the transmission speed is three times than the normal mouse.

Super-lubricity and durable Teflon mouse hem facing material: ergonomics comfortable and specialized Teflon super-lubricity durable material provides you with perfect mouse operation and brings you pleasant feelings when playing games.

Can adapt to any kind of mouse pad

EV vertical mouse applies advanced laser pickoff which will make you comfortable when use the mouse on different mouse pad.

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