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KeySlope Keyboard Stand



Posture correcting stand for typists who look down at the keyboard when keying.

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Product Description


Posture correcting keyboard stand for typists who look down at the keyboard when keying.

KeySlope raises and angles the keyboard reducing the degree of neck and back flexion and head downward tilt needed to look at the keyboard.

  • Promotes better head, neck and back postures when keying
  • Helps neck, shoulder and back pain caused by flexed, slumped posture when looking at the keyboard
  • Suits any size keyboard
  • Built-in wrist rest keeps wrists in straight and in a neutral, correct position

KeySlope is recommended for non-touch typists who need to look at the keyboard and have;

  • Neck pain, disc bulges, arthritis, whiplash injury, neck strain, headaches
  • Neck/shoulder area muscle stiffness, tightness or tension


  • Dimensions: W500 x D270 x H70

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