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Quad Cushion



Multi-application positioning cushion that has infinite postural and support applications.

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Product Description


A four-function support cushion that helps support the spine in its correct alignment whether lying down or sitting.

Rippled surface disperses pressure and provides wonderful comfort and support for the lower back, under knees, under ankles (leaves heels free) and useful as a lower back support when sitting upright.

Designed for maximum support and use:

  • Under Heels: avoids the formation of pressure ulcers on the heels
  • Under Knees: assists circulation and diffuses load on the lower back
  • Behind back when lying: provides gentle lumbar support easing back pain
  • Behind back when sitting: a lower back support

Provides superb comfort and support for the lower back, under knees, under achilles (leaves heels ‘free’), and useful as a lower back support for the upright position:

  • Facilitates better circulation
  • Unique rippled surface diffuses pressure
  • Maintains the spine’s natural curvature
  • Helps relieve stress on joints
  • Hygienic wipe-over waterproof (hospital approved) cover with optional cotton over slip


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