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Satin Beauty Pillow



Encouraging the natural curvature of the spine/helps correct alignment.

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Product Description


Satin Beauty – Luxurious contoured memory foam pillow. A luxuriously soft memory foam contour pillow that cradles your face, frees pressure to cheeks and eyes, and cares for your complexion while you sleep.

You spend a third of your life in bed. By the time you reach 60, you will have slept for an average of 20 years.

Traditional pillow cases don’t slip, so they continuously tug at delicate parts of the face and neck. Satin Beauty’s silky smooth satin cover is cosmetically kind – reduces compression and stretching to sensitive facial skin. Beauty Sleep’ is now a reality!

Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam is a NASA-inspired anti-gravity foam designed to diffuse pressure, spread the load
  • Memory Foam is a special foam with ‘forgiving’ properties to gently mould to the contours of your body
  • gorgeously soft to the face, and the foam’s open-cell ‘breathing’ structure assures freshness
  • ‘breathing’ open-cell foam construction — specially treated to inhibit allergens

Pillow Shape

  • Features a high and a low side to give optimum comfort options
  • Designed for those who prefer a lower pillow
  • It’s gentle curvature ensures your head and neck are evenly supported in perfect harmony, encouraging the natural curvature of the Spine

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