Custom Fitted Chairs

Our Story

It’s been 32 years since Back Centre began with the simple goal of helping people find greater comfort during their work day. That original vision is just as strong and relevant to us today. 

At Back Centre, your health comes first. We use our superior product knowledge, genuine care and great communication skills to help the person not just sell the product. 

Your health comes first at Back Centre.

Step through the doors and you will notice the difference immediately. Yes, our team members will greet you and ask if they can assist, but there is no hard sell or pressure to buy. We want to get to know you and your needs first, so we can solve your problem and find the right product.

We can even spend up to 45 minutes with one person to discover their exact needs. We discuss ergonomics in the workplace and how subtle changes to the way you sit and work can make a big difference. We’ll talk about your job, work station and how you work.

Our dedicated team offers a solid track record of experience – some employees have been with us for more than 20 years. We also have our own occupational therapist on staff, so we can easily provide advice on more complex ergonomic and health issues. Our occupational therapist is available for individual consultation she can also carry out entire workplace assessments.

The biggest range of office chairs in Australia, right here in Adelaide.

At Back Centre, our product range is vast and unique – in fact, according to our major supplier, we have the largest range of office seating in any retail store in Australia. We provide a full suite of office equipment and accessories, manufactured both in Australia and overseas. You’ll also find a diverse array of products to help manage pain and provide greater comfort, whether in the workplace, while driving or at home.

Want to try before you buy? Yes, you can!

Our ‘take home and try’ service for our office chairs is just one of our points of difference and we’ve been impressing customers with this offer since day one.

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