Document Holders

A document holder is designed to raise and angle working documents but most importantly, to eliminate poor neck postures. A good document holder will enable you to position material so that the head does not need to move too much and can be evenly balanced over the shoulders. Ask us for advice on our broad range of document holder options.

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  • Fellowes Pro Series Inline...

    $110.00 Places documents between monitor and keyboard for optimal ergonomic viewing rangeADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Large 3M Inline Document...

    $185.00 The stable weighted base allows ledge to dip below the desk edge increasing desk space.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Flex Arm Copyholder with Weighted Base

    Fellowes Flex Arm Copyholder...

    $48.00 Flexible Arm adjusts for ergonomically correct viewing height and angle.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line


    $160.00 Comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line with your keyboard and monitor.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • docslope


    $125.00 Holds multiple papers, open files or large books directly in front of the body.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • DocSlope Compact

    $114.00 New Compact size Docslope is perfect where space is at a premium and a strong,...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! EZEE Copyholder

    EZEE Copyholder

    $200.00 $160.00 You simply can't beat an Ezee Copy for adjustability and strength, mechanism up to 2...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Ergo-tilt  Portable Desk Slope Range

    Ergo Tilt Portable Desk

    $155.00 Prevents neck and shoulder strain. Encourages good posture. Portable Desk Slope.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Booklift & Copy Holder

    Fellowes Booklift & Copy...

    $22.00 Ideal for planners, large manuals, or reference materials, adjustable clips.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO