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  • Sale!

    Picasso Office Chair

    $435.00 $350.00 Only 3 left at this sale priceMORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Rembrandt Executive Chair

  • Celeste Office Chair with...

    $450.00 3 lever mechanism with lumbar pump and seat slide.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Light Duty Standing Desk 501-33 silver

    Light Duty Standing Desk

    $865.00 $778.00 The Light adjustable standing desk has a modern, minimalistic look and revolutionises work comfort &...MORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Serati Office Chair

    $1,315.00 $1,183.50 The Serati chair is an elegant and functional synchro-mech ergonomic chair.MORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Special Colour DAL Spark...

    $750.00 $700.00 Onxy Fabric finish, 8 only available. High Back Large (Ergo) Seat.MORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Ergotron – Workfit Black

    $795.00 $625.00 Floor Stock only 1 AvailableMORE INFO
  • Scandi Pro StandUp Desk

    $340.00 Adjustable shelvesMORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Rotary Big Chair 600...

    $495.00 $320.00 Floor Stock only 1 available.MORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Fellowes Monitor Riser Plus...

    $100.00 $55.00 Reduces shoulder, neck, and eye strain by positioning a monitor or laptop at a comfortable...MORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    $45.00 $30.00 Self-adjusting memory foam with contoured shape encourages ergonomic position.MORE INFO
  • Sale! Gold Touch Mouse Platform - Left Hand

    Gold Touch Left Hand...

    $55.00 $35.00 The unique design of the Gold Touch Mousing Platform allows users to mouse in greater...MORE INFO
  • Ergo-tilt  Portable Desk Slope Range

    Ergo Tilt Portable Desk

    $175.00 Prevents neck and shoulder strain. Encourages good posture. Portable Desk Slope.MORE INFO
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