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  • Sale!

    Ezee Copyholder

    $200.00 $160.00 Ezee CopyholderADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Sleepezy 3 Zone Pillow - Adjustable Pillow

    Sleepezy 3 Zone Adjustable...

    $62.00 $49.00 SleepEzy 3 Zone Pillow - Features three independently adjustable comfort zones for you to create...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Swivel Monitor Riser

    Fellowes Swivel Monitor Riser

    $55.00 $44.00 Minimal desk space, maximum comfort, Supports up to 14kg or 17” monitor.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Premium Office Suite Monitor Riser

    Fellowes Office Suite Premium...

    $115.00 $92.00 Stabilising front edge. Stores laptop underneath for space-saving storage.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! OPC Unimouse

    OPC Unimouse

    $195.00 $155.00 Effortlessly switch postures on the fly and engage different muscles and tendons while avoiding fixed,...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Maxshift sit stand workstation

    MaxiShift-X Sit Stand Workstation

    $580.00 $495.00 Make your existing desk ergonomically friendly with a height adjustable sit standing workstation.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! DXT Precision Mouse

    DXT Precision Mouse

    $195.00 $155.00 The design of the Mouse enables the hand to work from a relaxed position.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

    $110.00 $88.00 Features 3 temperature settings: cool fan, low heat and high heat. Auto-off feature.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Sit On Air Cushion

    Gymnic Sit On Air...

    $105.00 $72.00 Repositions the pelvis and spinal column and allows gentle hip, pelvic and low back movement.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    Fellowes Wrist Mouse Pad

    $45.00 $35.00 Self-adjusting memory foam with contoured shape encourages ergonomic position.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Fellowes Gliding Palm Support

    Fellowes Gliding Palm Support

    $50.00 $40.00 Palm support glides effortlessly to encourage healthy, natural movement.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Gold Touch Mouse Platform - Left Hand

    Gold Touch Left Hand...

    $55.00 $45.00 The unique design of the Gold Touch Mousing Platform allows users to mouse in greater...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sale! Freestyle Solo Keyboard

    OPC Freestyle Kinesis Keyboard

    $220.00 $175.00 Freestyle adapts to the specific needs of each user, minimising awkward postures.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO