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Bassett Back Support

If your chair or car seat backrest is not giving you the right lumbar support you are likely to find yourself uncomfortable, slouching, slumping or even with back pain. This is because the spine does not have the support it needs. Protecting your back during long periods of sitting is at the heart of a successful ergonomic approach.

With the benefit of 30 years’ experience, Back Centre has developed a customised process for assessing and fitting products for the lumbar spine – in fact, lumbar supports are our most commonly supplied back care product. Back Centre has over 25 different lumbar supports, each with a different shape, size, and firmness. Contact us today to discover the best Back Support for your Home Office, Car and Travel needs.

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  • Bassett Back Support

    Bassett Back Support Range

    5.00 out of 5
    $78.00 Fully supports both the lower and middle regions of the back, reducing stressful loads on...MORE INFO
  • Spine Relaxer Lumbar Support

    $98.00 MORE INFO
  • McKenzie Slimline Lumbar roll

    Mckenzie Slimline Lumbar Roll

    $45.00 Prevents the onset of back pain, Ideal for petite people, Sleek and comfortable.MORE INFO
  • McKenzie Slimline Lumbar roll

    McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar

    $55.00 Designed for people who sit for long periods, Prevents the onset of back pain.MORE INFO
  • Spine Saver Demi D...

    $35.00 Provides support for your neck or lower back, Helps relieve back painMORE INFO
  • Spine Saver D Lumbar...

    $35.00 Convenient support cushion for the treatment and prevention of lower back pain.MORE INFO
  • Spine Saver Oval Lumbar...

    $35.00 Provides back support and reduce back pain, Support for natural alignment of the spine.MORE INFO
  • Back Huggar Traditional Foam

    Back Huggar

    $72.00 Variable curve means you have the choice of using this either way up.MORE INFO
  • flobac


    $65.00 Infinite adjustment facility means Flobac fits snuggly into any body shape.MORE INFO
  • flo back support

    Flobac with Beaded Seat

    $85.00 Gently cushions and supports the spine hugging the back for lateral and vertical support.MORE INFO
  • Lumbar Pillow

    Thermarest Lumbar Pillow

    $60.00 Ultra-light, portable lumbar cushion bringing lower back support/comfort to any chair.MORE INFO
  • Sale! ChairTube Chair Backrest Cover

    BackBlyss Chair Tube Chair...

    $45.00 $35.00 Lumbar support cover for office chairs. Holds any back cushion, frame or support securely onto...MORE INFO
  • Thermarest Travel Lumbar Support Cushion

    Thermarest Travel Cushion

    $68.00 Self inflating lumbar cushion relieves lower back fatigue. Great for overseas travel.MORE INFO
  • ergowedge medium density-cushion

    Ergo Wedge Medium Density...

    $65.00 A medium density seat cushion to Lift the pelvis, Keep knees and hips at right-angles.MORE INFO
  • Artlab Sitton Wedge Lumbar Support Cushion

    Artlab Sitton Wedge

    $55.00 Available in soft foam promoting correct posture and suitable for most seats.MORE INFO
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