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  • Togu Dynair Premium Ballkissen Wedge Ball Cushion

    Togu Dynair Premium Ballkissen...

    $95.00 Sit longer relaxed: Strengthens your back muscles and can reduce back pain.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Thermarest Trail Seat Cushion

    Thermarest Trail Seat

    $45.00 The Trail Seat offers both back and leg support by relieving ischial (seat bone) pressure.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Thermarest Travel Lumbar Support Cushion

    Thermarest Travel Cushion

    $50.00 Self inflating lumbar cushion relieves lower back fatigue. Great for overseas travel.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Movin' Sit Air Cushion

    Gymnic Movin’ Sit Air...

    $90.00 Repositions the pelvis/spinal column, gentle hip/pelvic/low back movement.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sit On Air Cushion

    Gymnic Sit On Air...

    $105.00 Repositions the pelvis and spinal column and allows gentle hip, pelvic and low back movement.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Disc' O' Sit Cushion

    Disc ‘O’ Sit Cushion

    $88.00 Disc' O' Sit repositions the spinal column and allows gentle hip, pelvic and low back movement.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • BackBlyss sheepskin lLumbar Support Kit 2

    BackBlyss Sheepskin Lumbar Support...

    $68.00 Back Blyss unique lumbar support kit allows you to create the perfect lumbar support for...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Naturelle Latex Pillow

    Naturelle Latex Pillow

    $90.00 High quality latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Quad Cushion

    Quad Cushion

    $55.00 Multi-application positioning cushion that has infinite postural and support applications.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Sleepezy 3 Zone Pillow...

    $62.00 SleepEzy 3 Zone Pillow - Features three independently adjustable comfort zones for you to create...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Traveller’s Pillow – Neck...

    $42.00 Ideal for supporting the neck and head when sitting and travelling. It Breathes ... No...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Pyramid Pillow with Pillow...

    $90.00 Pyramid Pillow - Relaxation Pillow for Reading in Bed. Simply the best adjustable relaxation support...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Lucky 7 Body Pillow...

    $100.00 Sleep in pure comfort with the heavenly L-Shaped full length overstuffed body pillow. Swing a...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Side Snuggler

    Side Snuggler with Slip

    $155.00 Soothing comfort through the night, quality support for the front and back of your body...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Leg Relaxer - Contoured leg wedge support pillow

    Leg Relaxer – Contoured...

    $130.00 Elevates your legs and aids circulation, diminishing the load on the heart.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Keyhole Cushion

    Keyhole Cushion

    $95.00 Features unique cut-out that relieves pressure. Ideal for hospital, car, or office.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO