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Ergonomic Assessment

What does ergonomics really mean?

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace to suit the capabilities or limitations of the worker. A workplace committed to ergonomic design and tailored workspaces will reap greater rewards such as reduced costs, improved productivity, increased employee engagement and a better safety culture.

The average office worker spends about 80% of their day sitting. So good posture and a properly adjusted ergonomic chair are vital to ensure health and well-being and reduce the risk of back and neck pain, headaches and problems with legs and feet.

The Back Centre team are the ergonomics experts.

At Back Centre, we talk about your health first. We have spent over 30 years helping our customers adapt workplaces to suit individuals.

In-store, our team will spend as long as needed to discover a person’s needs. We work with various experienced occupational therapists who can provide individual and group ergonomic assessments.

Why should I book an Ergonomic Assessment?

Injury management can be costly – the earlier problems are addressed, the better. Poor workstation setup leads to poor posture, which can result in headaches, backaches, neck and arm pain, and eye strain. This impacts worker productivity and can cause absenteeism if the issue is prolonged. When an employee experiences musculoskeletal symptoms at work, an ergonomic assessment can help identify changes to optimise the workstation setup and reduce postural-related symptoms.

We have a solution. We work closely with a range of occupational therapists who provide workplace assessment advice. They can assist in the physical layout and modification of existing or new work areas and recommend equipment to minimise the risk of injury. Depending on your requirements, they can do an assessment at your workplace or can meet you at our showroom to help you select the right product.

They can undertake workstation assessments specific to an individual worker or aimed at the business as a whole. A range of options are available, including group training sessions on ergonomic workstation setup, onsite assessment of office seating and workstations and analysis of factors that may potentially cause musculoskeletal issues or aggravate existing problems.

Onsite Workstation Ergonomic Assessment

An individual onsite assessment is suitable for anyone with concerns about their workstation setup, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms. This will allow the occupational therapist to identify the issues causing injury and recommend changes or additional equipment to help minimise these risks.

Business workplace assessments
With a significant increase in the number of people working from home, many businesses are seeing the benefits of undertaking assessments and training on workstation setup for all their workers.

As all business needs are different, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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