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The position and angle of your laptop is just as important as your document holder. Incorrect use of laptops is one of the biggest areas of concern among health professionals. While the portability of laptops is a great advantage it invariably leads to compromises in ergonomics and issues with head, neck and body position. Browse through our range to find the right solution for you.

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  • Fellowes Laptop Riser O/ Suites

    Fellowes Laptop Riser Office Suites

    $65.00 Raises your laptop screen to eye-level to help prevent neck strain, Adjustable tilt.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Swivel Monitor Riser

    Fellowes Swivel Monitor Riser

    $55.00 Minimal desk space, maximum comfort, Supports up to 14kg or 17” monitor.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • monitor riser

    Fellowes Office Suites Monitor Riser...

    $80.00 Features 3 different height adjustments. Space saving design supports up to 27kg.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Premium Office Suite Monitor Riser

    Fellowes Office Suite Premium Monitor...

    $115.00 Stabilising front edge. Stows laptop underneath for space-saving storage.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • VUR2455 with monitor

    Vuryser Adjustable Monitor Riser System

    $18.00 A system of plastic stackable monitor risers designed to raise your monitor to the perfect...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • fellowes standard monitor riser

    Fellowes Standard Monitor Riser

    $65.00 Comfortable viewing height and helps organise the workstation around the monitor.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • fellowes premium monitor riser

    Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser

    $85.00 Positions the monitor at a comfortable viewing height and helps organise the workstation.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser Plus

    Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser Plus

    $115.00 Includes a generous storage drawer and A4 document holder.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Fellowes Professional Series Laptop Workstation...

    $85.00 Positions laptop at comfortable height to help prevent neck strain.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • OPC Laptop/Tablet Stand

    $115.00 A portable laptop/tablet stand that has adjustable height, width and angle settings.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Monitor Arm 7000

    7Flex Monitor Arm

    $330.00 The leader of the pack in the best-selling articulated monitor arm for years.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Pluto Monitor Arm

    Pluto Monitor Arm

    $180.00 The ideal ergonomic and space saving desk mount for any home or office project.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Monitor arm

    Dal Single Monitor Arm

    $265.00 Classic streamline design, Multiple monitor adjustment to meet users needs.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO