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SKU: VUR8800


A stackable monitor riser that elevates in 25mm increments, designed for flat screen monitors.

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Product Description

The VuRyser Flat Panel Monitor Riser is a durable, stackable unit with an oval footprint best suited to flat panel displays.

The ideal ergonomic monitor height is for the top of the screen to be slightly below eye level.

Monitor risers elevate the monitor to a more optimal height for comfortable viewing.

This helps the user maintain good upper body posture, reducing the risk of strain in the muscles at the back of the neck and in the upper back.

The VuRyer Oval Monitor Riser has a minimal footprint, reducing the desk space required to raise monitors and is ideal for work areas with limited space.

The VuRyser Monitor Riser has been designed to stack, allowing for users to increase the height in 25mm increments further assisting with achieving an ergonomic position.

When stacking stands, the design includes interlocking tabs that ensure a solid and secure base beneath the monitor.

The patented oval shape, design and construction deliver a sturdy base that can support up to 11kgs.



  • Adjusts monitor height in 25mm increments to achieve the correct ergonomic monitor height.
  • Oval shape that measures 229mm x 340mm x 25mm.
  • Supports up to 11kgs.
  • Ideal for work surfaces where space is limited.
  • Each unit stacks upon itself, the recommended maximum stack height is 5 units.
  • Formed plastic provides a solid base beneath the monitor.
  • DIMENSIONS: Height 25mm, Width 340mm, Depth 229mm
  • Black finish


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