Office Accessories

  • Eco Monitor Arms

    $90.00 Eco Single or Dual Monitor ArmsMORE INFO
  • Pluto Monitor Arm

    Pluto Monitor Arm

    $135.00 The ideal ergonomic and space saving desk mount for any home or office project.MORE INFO
  • Floortex Chairmat Anti-Fatigue

    $150.00 Designed to reduce the strain on feet, legs knees & back joints through prolonged standing,...MORE INFO
  • Fellowes Standard Footrest

    Fellowes Standard Adjustable Footrest

    $75.00 Dual position height adjustment. Textured surface massages soles of feet.MORE INFO
  • Fundamental Spacer Blocks

    $7.00 MORE INFO
  • Scandi Pro Monitor Stand

    $60.00 Adjustable heightMORE INFO
  • Scandi Pro Tilt Desk

    $130.00 Adjustable AngleMORE INFO
  • Toro Anti Fatigue Floor...

    $95.00 The Toro is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and doesn’t have that ‘rubber’ smell that...MORE INFO
  • Vu Ryser Monitor Riser

    $20.00 A stackable monitor riser that elevates in 25mm increments, designed for flat screen monitors.MORE INFO
  • Microdesk Compact Document Holders


    $160.00 Comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line with your keyboard and monitor.MORE INFO
  • Large 3M Inline Document Holder

    Small 3M Inline Document...

    $142.00 Keeps documents between monitor and keyboard to help reduce head, neck and eye movementMORE INFO
  • Large 3M Inline Document Holder

    Large 3M Inline Document...

    $195.00 The stable weighted base allows ledge to dip below the desk edge increasing desk space.MORE INFO
  • VUR2455 with monitor

    Vuryser Adjustable Monitor Riser...

    $20.00 A system of plastic stackable monitor risers designed to raise your monitor to the perfect...MORE INFO
  • fellowes premium monitor riser

    Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser

    $90.00 Positions the monitor at a comfortable viewing height and helps organise the workstation.MORE INFO
  • Sale!

    Fellowes Monitor Riser Plus...

    $100.00 $55.00 Reduces shoulder, neck, and eye strain by positioning a monitor or laptop at a comfortable...MORE INFO
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