Sit Stand Workstation

Standesk Sit Stand Workstation

A Sit Stand Workstation is portable, easy to assemble and can be placed on your existing desk.

Do you need a portable standing desk? Want a more active lifestyle?

Well, these Sit Stand Workstations will suit your style and budget. A Sit Stand Workstation is a versatile height adjustable module that is portable and can be placed on your existing desk.

The Sit Stand Workstation suits any desktop, thanks to its straight up and down design with virtually no pinch points. There are a wide range of options, the adjustable sit stand modules will suit your needs and lifestyle.

By using a Sit Stand Workstation and regularly varying your workstation position it will reduce back pain, decreases musculoskeletal, circulatory problems and keeps you more active!

Contact us today to sit less, stand more and become more active!

  • Ergotron WorkFit-TL Stand Module

    $795.00 WorkFit-TL transforms everyday offices into dynamic, active work spaces.MORE INFO
  • Standesk Sit Stand Workstation

    Standesk Sit Stand Workstation

    $725.00 Convert your existing desktop into a Sit Stand Workstation with Standesk. Feel better working with...MORE INFO
  • Arise Deskalator Sit Stand Workstation

    Arise Deskalator Sit Stand...

    $585.00 Arise Deskalator is an accessory that can be placed on your previous desk to become...MORE INFO
  • Maxishift Electric Sit Stand Workstation

    MaxiShift-E Electric Sit Stand...

    $650.00 Electrical height adjustable workstation that can be placed on top of your existing desk to...MORE INFO
  • Sale! TopDesk Adjustable Standing Desk

    TopDesk Adjustable Standing Workstation

    $310.00 $279.00 Turn a standard workstation into a sit or stand workstation - quickly, easily and economically.MORE INFO
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