Adjustable Standing Desks

Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Desks offer both comfort and ergonomic benefits

Do you have back pain? Want a more active workspace?

Invest in an Adjustable Standing Desk to suit your style, shape and budget. By regularly changing workstation positions it can help prevent back problems and prevent stooping.

Back Centre offers a range of standing desks that are affordable and made for all heights. Conset Standing Desk changes the height of the desk at a push of a button, within seconds. There are a range of models available to purchase and to suit your office environment.

The Sit and Standing Desk has revolutionised the way we approach ergonomics in the workplace. Regularly varying working position decreases the problem of musculoskeletal and circulatory problems. By using an electric adjustable height desk, working styles can be adjusted to suit the individual.

With a powerful motor, desk height can be changed during the day to allow different working positions for varying team members. An adjustable height standing desk is a great addition to any work environment that promotes productivity and healthy well being. There are several options available including variable weight capacity and a wide variety of shapes to suit and support your workstation needs.

Contact us today to sit less, stand more and become more active!

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  • Learnfit Sit Stand Desk

    $925.00 Transform classrooms, conference rooms or common areas into active spaces with flexible seating using the...MORE INFO
  • HotSpot Mobile Sit to...

    $815.00 The Revolutionary sit stand desk is uncompromising in quality, design and flexibility.MORE INFO
  • Light Duty Standing Desk 501-33 silver

    Light Duty Standing Desk

    $865.00 The Light adjustable standing desk has a modern, minimalistic look and revolutionises work comfort &...MORE INFO
  • Summit Sit To Stand...

    $1,030.00 A modern and versatile Series, includes preset Height Remote and Desktops includes cable holes.MORE INFO
  • Medium Duty Standing Desk

    $1,020.00 The Medium Adjustable Standing Desk has a modern and minimalistic look. The open frame structure...MORE INFO
  • Heavy Duty Standing Desk

    $2,325.00 The Heavy Duty Adjustable Standing Desk is suited to extra lifting capacity with a quality...MORE INFO
  • 501-43 Medium Duty Corner Desk

    Medium Duty Corner Standing...

    $1,780.00 The Medium Duty Corner Standing Desk has a sophisticated look, double telescope frame structure and...MORE INFO
  • Heavy Duty Corner Standing...

    $3,435.00 The Heavy Duty Corner Standing Desk is an L-shaped desk that can be used for...MORE INFO
  • Pedestal Adjustable Standing Desk

    Pedestal Standing Desk

    $2,545.00 The Pedestal Standing Desk is adjustable to the suit the height and needs for office...MORE INFO
  • Back to Back Standing Desk

    Back to Back Standing...

    $1,965.00 The Back To Back Standing Desk is designed for large office environments in mind. Create...MORE INFO
  • Boardroom Adjustable Standing Desk

    Boardroom Standing Desk

    $2,425.00 The Boardroom Standing Desk is a great way to turn sitting meetings into standing! With...MORE INFO
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