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Boardroom Standing Desk

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The Boardroom Standing Desk is a great way to turn sitting meetings into standing! With its large design, the desk is suitable for large projects or as an ordinary desk.

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Product Description


The Boardroom Standing Desk is suitable for working on projects or as a meeting table. It can also be used as an ordinary desk for those who require more space when they work. With the ability to change the height, the Boardroom Standing desk can be used for meetings or work gatherings and has the flexibility to be used with seating.

  • The frame comes with an integrated cable tray.
  • Electrically adjustable.
  • Options for making work or meetings half sitting, leaning, to standing.
  • Max capacity of 175kg
  • Frame height from 680-1200mm
  • Other sizes available on request, please contact us for pricing.

Trying to find a perfect desk that is right for you? Confused with all the options? Back Centre Desk Selector will guide you through a series of questions to help determine the desk that is just right for you!

How to choose the right Standing Desk

  • A height adjustable standing desk enables the desk to be adjusted to suit the individual. It makes it possible to place a screen, keyboard, and mouse at the appropriate height.
  • Without enough depth, you will struggle to keep the monitor and the keyboard at an optimum distance. Additional depth may be required for documents. We suggest a document holder which can be positioned between the keyboard and the monitor.
  • The standing workstations needs to be wide enough to have adequate area for all types of work. Including typing, reading, writing and a coffee of course!
  • Underneath the desk, the construction should leave space for the legs to be moved freely.

Why should you use a Standing Desk?

Are you getting back pain at your desk? Want a more active workspace?

By using a standing workstation, results have shown a significant decrease in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort. By regularly changing positions throughout your work day it can help prevent back problems and prevent stooping. By using an electric height adjustable standing desk, work styles can be adjusted to suit the individual and increase productivity.

  • An electric height adjustable desk is beneficial where workstations are shared, ensuring that every worker can have a suitable height desk.
  • Increased productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer claims
  • Prolonged sitting is known to cause back pain, musculoskeletal and circulatory problems
  • Standing improves spinal posture, reduces low back disc pressures, varies joint positions, uses lower body muscles and increases leg blood flow
  • Ideal for those with back or neck pain, or stiffness
  • A powerful high-quality electric motor changes the desk height from a sit to stand position with a quiet touch of a button operation
  • Size, shape & colour combinations to suit your office environment

Employers investing in an electric sit-stand desk are realising the great advantages. Employees are happier, healthier and even more productive. This translates into cost saving and an improved working environment. Contact us today to book in an Ergonomic Assessment to improve your posture and work environment.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of why an adjustable standing desk is a perfect investment for you and your employees.

How to Assemble your standing desk?

View the PDF below to learn how to assemble the electric desk frames.


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