Did you know that the size and shape of your keyboard should direct the position of your mouse? Back Centre offers a huge range of keyboards to suit the many demands of workplaces and different working styles. Choose from a centrally hinged keyboard, short or compact keyboard, ergo, curved or split keyboard, a left-handed keyboards or the amazing Duraflex Roll Up keyboard, which is flexible, dustproof and waterproof!

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  • OPC Contour Balance keyboard

    $230.00 Your hands stay closer to the action and within reach of both the rollerbar and...ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Gold Touch Go Travel...

    $255.00 Maintains a neutral wrist position. Separate numeric keypad available.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Evoluent Reduced Reach Keyboard

    $145.00 Mouse-Friendly Keyboard allows your mouse to be directly in front of your shoulder.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Bakker Elkhuizen S-Board Compact Keyboard 840

    Bakker Elkhuizen Compact S-Board...

    $160.00 Reduces the distance a user has to reach for operating the mouse.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Adesso SlimTouch Mini keyboard

    Adesso SlimTouch Mini Keyboard...

    $105.00 Compact size of the keyboard, can help shoulder, arm or neck pain.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, Numeric keypad & Mouse

    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard...

    $180.00 Sculpt Keyboard is designed for productivity, with an eye on ergonomic excellence.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Blyss Rest Sheepskin Keyboard Wristrest

    Blyss Rest Sheepskin Keyboard...

    $45.00 Eliminates all pressure on the delicate wrist soft tissues when keying and using a mouse.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • KeySlope Posture Correcting Keyboard Stand

    KeySlope Keyboard Stand

    $125.00 Posture correcting stand for typists who look down at the keyboard when keying.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • OPC Ergotight Compact Keyboard...

    $175.00 Compact keyboard and number pad combination – use in the layout that suits you.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO
  • Evoluent Full Feature Compact...

    $155.00 Extremely low profile which eliminates the need to strain your hands upward.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO

    Fellowes Posture Manager Tilt...

    $170.00 Mouse tray slides over numeric key pad to encourage neutral posture.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO

    Fellowes Posture Manager Tilt...

    $125.00 Attaches to desktop edge without tools, which allows platform to tilt or slide with ease.ADD TO CARTMORE INFO