Trapezium Standard Wrist Rest



The keyboard wrist rest is made from firm cushioning gel with an antibacterial layer which ensures optimal hygiene.

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Product Description

The Trapezium Wrist rest has been designed to offer support for your wrists and hands as you use your computer keyboard. The keyboard wrist rest is made from firm cushioning gel with an antibacterial layer which ensures optimal hygiene. The Trapezium Wrist rest is a good support for your wrists when you are typing and using your mouse for hours at a time, it helps to create a healthier and more comfortable workplace.


Good ergonomic posture.

The Trapezium Wrist rest has a comfortable surface on which you can rest your hands, avoiding you to raise your shoulders, tense the arms, and create uncomfortable positions with your hands. It is important to place your arms naturally and parallel with the floor. With the help of a wrist rest you can easily support your hands at the same height, which leads to a good ergonomic posture and increases your comfort while working.

To maintain a natural posture of the wrists, a wrist rest supports especially while typing.

A wrist rest is also a very comfortable surface on which to rest your hands while you are reading or taking a break from work.


Ergonomic background

When working with a keyboard and mouse it is important that the arm is sufficiently supported. A wrist support helps to keep the wrist straight during typing and can be used “to rest” for a moment during one’s work. Holding your wrist at the right height when typing is important. It must be kept as straight as possible with the keyboard. This keeps the wrist posture neutral and avoids muscle strain.

Trapezoid and perfect height.

The Trapezium Wrist Rest has a thickness that positions your wrists and hands ergonomically, at the same height along the full length of your keyboard. The end of this wrist rest has a trapezoid shape, which ensures that your wrists are well-supported on the sides. Your wrists and arms are then at the same angle as the keyboard. This unique trapezoid design follows the natural position of your arm and wrist.



The Trapezium Wrist rest is made from recycled materials. The fabric for the surface and the rubber on the underside are in turn recyclable.


​​​​​​​Antibacterial layer.

This wrist rest is covered with an antibacterial layer. This special antibacterial coated surface counteracts the soiling of the surface material. In addition, the surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth, to minimise the accumulation of bacteria.


Two sizes.

This wrist rest is available in two sizes, the compact format is 330 mm wide and appropriate for compact keyboards, and the standard format is 490 mm wide and appropriate for full-sized keyboards. Please see our other listing for the compact one.


The Trapezium Wrist rest is made of soft memory foam. It easily recovers to the original shape once you remove pressure.

The soft and firm cushioning gel supports the wrists perfectly and increases comfort while typing.

With the non-slip underside made of natural rubber, the wrist rest stays in place and protects the tabletop from scratches.


Product dimension

Standard size wrist rest – please see our other listing for compact

length 80mm x width x 490mm  x height 15mm

Softness of surface: Soft

Anti-slip underside: Yes

Hygienic: Anti-bacterial

Thermal insulation: Yes

Shape: Trapezium


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