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Naturelle Latex Pillow

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High quality latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night. Available in Low, Medium and High

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Product Description


Encourages a restful sleep, naturally. The world’s best latex pillow!

Designed for all sleeping positions and physiques, the all-natural, high-quality Naturelle latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night.

Made of natural latex, from the rubber tree, these wonderful pillows never require fluffing, maintain their shape and provide maximum air flow, preventing moisture and heat build-up.

Advantages of natural Latex:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Resists mould, mildew, dust mites
  • Chemical free, non toxic

3 sizes to suit all body shapes and sleeping preferences:

  • Low Profile: Designed to support kids from 5 years, & adult back sleepers.
  • Medium Profile: Suits average physiques, and also those seeking a ‘normal’ sized pillow.
  • High Profile: Suits side sleeping, broader shouldered physiques, and for those of average physique who prefer a higher pillow.

Special core construction – it ‘breathes’, no sweat!

Hundreds of tiny cores have been created in the Naturelle latex pillow to allow air to flow for a more hygienic sleep environment. These cores, averaging half a centimetre wide, also enhance the pillow’s luxurious ‘feel’ as well as providing even pressure dispersion.

  • Won’t sag or lose its shape
  • Encourages better posture
  • Open-cell honeycomb construction
  • Anti-bacterial mould and dust free

The Naturelle pillow is produced from pure natural latex – harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis. No Chemicals are needed to stabilise the rubber, and the intrinsic colour is also retained. Latex is bio-degradable, naturally!

Our latex is non-toxic and contaminant-free, its natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, and it provides an inhospitable environment for dust mites. Latex is a renewable and sustainable resource.

The density of the pillow is 45KGS/CBM.

The Naturelle pure latex pillow is the perfect pillow for mothers.

Sleep better and wake refreshed with this soft and comfortable latex pillow. It’s the perfect companion during pregnancy. It promotes side sleeping which is recommended during the second and third tri-semester.

You’ll love using the pillow for years to come after pregnancy as it supports your body during post natal care and rest. Latex is a durable material, that will retain its shape. Many women find that allergies and sensitivies increase during pregnancy. The all-natural properties of the Naturelle Pure Latex Pillow make it a perfect pregnancy pillow, and those seeking to avoid chemicals, synthetic and toxic materials.


Naturelle Pillows: Frequently Asked Questions



  • All sizes come with a 2cm removeable insert
  • Low Size: Height: 10.5cm high side, 9.5cm low side.
    • Length: 58cm x Width: 38cm
  • Medium Size: Height: 12cm high side, 10.5cm low side.
    • Length: 58cm x Width: 38cm
  • Large Size: Height: 14.5cm high side, 13cm low side.
    • Length: 58cm  x Width: 38cm
  • Pillow: Natural latex
  • Pillow Cover Inner:  cotton jersey
  • Pillow Cover Outer: polyester



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  1. Absolutely perfect pillow. I’m really happy with it. Sleeping so much better. Outstanding service and speed of delivery.

  2. i have been looking for a pillow like this for a long time..finally found one..so happy, its great

  3. I initially purchased the pillow for myself but gave it to my husband to try out for size as he was experiencing recurring neck pain. Guess what – I never got the pillow back, so last week I ordered another one for myself. First night I used it and I slept really well. I was quite surprised as it has always taken me time to get used to a new pillow. I actually look forward to going to bed now. No more stiff neck during the night and in the morning, and I can even sleep comfortably on my back, which I haven’t been able to do for many years. The pillow does not retain a memory so I don’t end up sleeping with my hands under the pillow to prop up my head – brilliant. It has two profiles as well as a removable piece, so it is very adjustable for the individual. I love my pillow!

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