Chair Selector
1. Select your weight
We offer chairs for all sizes
2. What seat size do you require?

Your seat size needs to take into consideration both your height and body shape. Measure depth (D) from the back of your hip to the crease of your knee and take off 40mm.
3. What back height do you require?

Back height is mostly a matter of personal choice. If you have lower lumbar problems generally choose a smaller back.
4. What back shape do you prefer?
The shape of your back rest should be a depiction of your actual back shape. Lumber Pumps allow for an adjustable back shape.
5. Would you like adjustable 'T' arms?

Some chairs come with arms as a standard item, others have arms as an option. Resting arms on armrests can help relieve tension on shoulders and upperback. Arms can prevent you from sitting close to the desk.
6. Select a Chair Base
Chairs generally come with a black base as standard. Most executive chairs come with a chrome base. You may choose to glam up with a chrome base.
7. Do you require non standard castors?
Standard will roll on most surfaces Friction Braking will lock when weight is applied Reverse Friction locks when weight is removed Soft Tread does not scratch and is suitable for wooden, tiled or vinyl floors Glides are flat bottomed, ideal where you want your chair to remain stable 60mm are a larger size providing greater clearance, mobility and a classy look
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