General Office Accessories

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  • Eco Monitor Arms

    $90.00 Eco Single or Dual Monitor ArmsMORE INFO
  • Floortex Chairmat Anti-Fatigue

    $150.00 Designed to reduce the strain on feet, legs knees & back joints through prolonged standing,...MORE INFO
  • Fundamental Spacer Blocks

    $7.00 MORE INFO
  • Scandi Pro Monitor Stand

    $60.00 Adjustable heightMORE INFO
  • Scandi Pro Tilt Desk

    $130.00 Adjustable AngleMORE INFO
  • Toro Anti Fatigue Floor...

    $95.00 The Toro is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and doesn’t have that ‘rubber’ smell that...MORE INFO
  • Vu Ryser Monitor Riser

    $20.00 A stackable monitor riser that elevates in 25mm increments, designed for flat screen monitors.MORE INFO
  • Microdesk Compact Document Holders


    $160.00 Comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line with your keyboard and monitor.MORE INFO
  • Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand

    $60.00 Ergoapt Roam Laptop Stand is a light weight and compact travel companion.MORE INFO
  • Desk Corner Converter (Lozenge)

    Lozenge Desk Corner Converter

    $70.00 Corner Converter Lozenge is designed to make use of a sharp corner in an "L" shaped...MORE INFO
  • Workwell Anti Fatigue Matting

    Workwell Anti Fatigue Matting

    $165.00 Strongly recommended for use with a sit-stand desk to improve standing tolerance and comfort.MORE INFO
  • OPC 300 General Office Accessories

    OPC 300 Single Forearm...

    $155.00 OPC 300 Forearm Support Provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for sustained...MORE INFO
  • OPC 600 General Office Accessories

    OPC 600 Forearm Support

    $295.00 OPC 600 Forearm Support Provides a comfortable, curved and padded wrist and forearm support for...MORE INFO
  • chair mats range for hard floors

    Satex Marbig Chair Mat

    $230.00 Quality chairmat with texture both sides with no anchors for smooth floor/coverings.MORE INFO
  • Ergorest Forearm Support General Office Accessories

    Ergorest Forearm Support

    $210.00 Supports neck, shoulder/arm with unrestricted motion, maintains neutral wrist position.MORE INFO
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