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Multi Purpose Cushion

Multi Purpose Cushion

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Perfect in the car to get you up a little higher, Great on your office chair to add support.

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Product Description


Designed to reduce pressure as well as provide an ideal supportive base for anyone confined to sitting for long periods of time on a seat or chair.

Unique Dimplefoam … ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ of this cushion enable the body’s load to be gently spread. Its ‘forgiving’ construction allows you to sink deeply into the foam – less contact area, less pressure. Shearing forces are reduced by spreading the load.

The cushion’s convolutions also allow increased air circulation, to dissipating heat and moisture.

Now in all-new flame retardant Dimplefoam. High quality and long wearing. The heavy density construction means that it can be used by heavy people without ‘bottoming-out”.

The cushion’s ‘open-cell’ composition allows the product to breathe, and the foam has been treated to make it allergy and dust free, and odourless.

  • Perfect in the car to get you up a little higher
  • Great on your office chair to add support
  • Lightweight so you can take it to the football for stadium seating and enjoy a new level of comfort
  • Perfect for wheelchairs to add extra cushioning


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